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Annexe to that!

It is never any easy thing to see a loved one’s health deteriorate to the point that they can no longer live alone safely.

There is of course the emotional side of watching one who was once so strong begin to fade and tire, then there is the tough decision on how best to care for them as a family unit and ensure their complete comfort and safety, and of course there are the costs, do they sell up and move into a home, or is there another way?

If your loved one is paying for their own care, the average weekly cost of a residential care home in the UK is £1,160.00, while average fees at a nursing home cost £1,410.00 per week. For self-funders, the monthly average cost of residential care is £4,640.00, which is £60,320 per year and that’s an awful lot of your families money!

We may have the perfect solution for you because we understand that them having to sell up and fork out thousands on care home or nursing home fees may not have been the plan A, and your loved one may also want to stay with you in their later years.

Over many decades we have designed and built numerous annexe spaces and perfectly appointed extensions with the elderly or infirm in mind, some with the addition of space for any carers you may need in without biting into your own personal space.

Steve and the team will design you the safest spaces with all the welfare features and fittings you could ever need. From appropriate handrails, wider doorways, and lower thresholds for easy wheelchair access, to well-appointed wet rooms and kitchens that will still ensure a level of independence for your loved one – Here at Lexden Builders we guarantee the very finest finish.

So, if you want to discuss the options and look at the numbers for an annexe or extension project that will work for your family, no matter the size, and you want to be assured of the perfect finish for your whole family, why don’t you get in touch with Steve and the team for a chat about how we can ensure that your rebuild and renovation dreams become a reality now.